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this quilt goes with my new shoes

am leaving tuesday for a visit to nyc!  the excitement is starting to take over.  i have so much i need to do, and so much i want to accomplish before i leave.  really, just once in my life i should clean the house before i go, so that i don’t return, refreshed from a break, to my same old chaos.  really.

i found the most perfect shoes yesterday.  went in for a quick pair of keens, and found these as well!  i had never thought about what my ideal shoe would look like, but this is it!  it combines my favorite maryjane look, with the punk/doc martin appeal of plaid with the ever necessary requirement of orthopedic comfort.  plus, it’s a clog – that stays on your foot, AND, improves your posture, and it’s pink plaid!  this is not a paid endorsement, i just had never thought about my perfect shoe until i met it.  you just never know.


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precarious balance

life is really always on some edge or another.  you think you’ve found a little tiny place where your feet fit and you can balance without holding you arms out, and you realize you’re standing on a pile of jenga blocks – and someone’s pulled the middle block out.

you’re still standing, but, it’s a precarious balance.

trying to remember to breathe.

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funk free

i am currently on the upswing from a long and pretty serious funk.  I have been healthy for going on 3 weeks now, finished a load of laundry the same day i started it, and i have no dirty dishes.

am trying to finish up the myriad of things left in disarray from from being funked, and trying to make good choices about the new things i take on to keep motivated and avoid the next funk for as long as possible.

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may as well try

another new year – i may as well try to do this again.

been in a bit of mania this holiday break.  finally put together tops with backs and batting.  i spray basted or bonashed i think 11 quilts.  i would normally count that as an awesome  achievement, but, wait – there’s more!  7.5 of them are now quilted!  2 of them are even bound!  that’s just what i’ve gotten done this week – i got a bunch done last week too.  where did this energy come from, and why can’t i access it all the time?

really trying to “clean the slate”  so i can focus on completing the “big project.”  i received  550 base blocks on the first!  this is such a huge help.  i am overwhelmed by this kindness!

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