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So, I says to the guy, I says, “Man, that took a while.”

3.0; 5.0;  “The Next Generation”  call it what you will – I’m gonig to try again.  It can’t get any worse…….

Of course I’m going away for the weekend, so really, I’m not going to write much now, but you know it’s my blog so I can write the obvious if I want to.






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this quilt goes with my new shoes

am leaving tuesday for a visit to nyc!  the excitement is starting to take over.  i have so much i need to do, and so much i want to accomplish before i leave.  really, just once in my life i should clean the house before i go, so that i don’t return, refreshed from a break, to my same old chaos.  really.

i found the most perfect shoes yesterday.  went in for a quick pair of keens, and found these as well!  i had never thought about what my ideal shoe would look like, but this is it!  it combines my favorite maryjane look, with the punk/doc martin appeal of plaid with the ever necessary requirement of orthopedic comfort.  plus, it’s a clog – that stays on your foot, AND, improves your posture, and it’s pink plaid!  this is not a paid endorsement, i just had never thought about my perfect shoe until i met it.  you just never know.

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precarious balance

life is really always on some edge or another.  you think you’ve found a little tiny place where your feet fit and you can balance without holding you arms out, and you realize you’re standing on a pile of jenga blocks – and someone’s pulled the middle block out.

you’re still standing, but, it’s a precarious balance.

trying to remember to breathe.

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funk free

i am currently on the upswing from a long and pretty serious funk.  I have been healthy for going on 3 weeks now, finished a load of laundry the same day i started it, and i have no dirty dishes.

am trying to finish up the myriad of things left in disarray from from being funked, and trying to make good choices about the new things i take on to keep motivated and avoid the next funk for as long as possible.

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may as well try

another new year – i may as well try to do this again.

been in a bit of mania this holiday break.  finally put together tops with backs and batting.  i spray basted or bonashed i think 11 quilts.  i would normally count that as an awesome  achievement, but, wait – there’s more!  7.5 of them are now quilted!  2 of them are even bound!  that’s just what i’ve gotten done this week – i got a bunch done last week too.  where did this energy come from, and why can’t i access it all the time?

really trying to “clean the slate”  so i can focus on completing the “big project.”  i received  550 base blocks on the first!  this is such a huge help.  i am overwhelmed by this kindness!

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down to 3 days of school a week for the summer.  i might get here more often!

i was at mn quilters in duluth last weekend.  i went up tuesday to hang the memorial project, and mom and i went back on saturday to take it down, and, take in the show.  there is always an amazing mix of quilts, and awesome shopping at the vendors.  i bought some luscious hand dyed wool for rugmaking, and some really cool stuff from wendy richardson to make saddle bags for my new bike.

the highlight of the trip was an award on the memorial project.  it was given to me by the security guards who patrolled the show.  “From 2 disabled Iraq war vets, our sincere thanks.”  i’m out of words….

out of words....

out of words....

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catch up

things have been busy, busy lately. but it’s that kind of busy with nothing really to show for it.  big changes at both of my jobs, and lots of paperwork for future stuff, but really no great photo ops anywhere, and not much time to play with fabric.

i managed to find time to piece together a variation on one of the blocks i’m teaching my beginning quilters.  we’re doing my character reference pattern and i have variations of the other blocks included in the pattern, but nothing  for the rail fence.  really no excuse for that.  lots of babies coming up soon, so i chose some really cute prints from Aunt Annie’s, voila –  cute quilt top.

rail fence

rail fence

you can start the pool now on how long it will take me to get it quilted.  and, how long before i get a new camera, and maybe… a tripod so my photos of quilts aren’t always blurry “action shots.”

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