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heading out to work at Aunt Annie’s quilt shop this morning.  i’m taking along some samples for an upcoming beginner’s class series.

it’s always so much fun to work there. lucy and mopar are awesome, and it’s no ordinary quilt shop.  it’s a shop that carries fabric for people who are willing to step out of the box just a bit.  no thimbleberries, no  jellyroll nonsense.  beautiful fabrics selected by an artist to inspire creativity.

and, sometimes, (and tonight is one of those times) there’s  live music!  it’s the best setting for music you might run across.  we move the shelving full of fabric into one half of the store, the legs of the cutting table fold down to become the stage, throw in some folding chairs, and set up the mics, and we’re ready to party!

if you find yourself in Avon MN tomorrow stop on in!


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